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The name deriving from the Greek Lenoi. The termindicates the recipient and vats using for pressing grapes. The only village on the island that is not on the sea, in ancient times it was the salvation of many inhabitants of Salina. Many times over the centuries its valley gave refuge to islanders terrified by the frequent raids that came from the sea.

 While at Santa Marina in the course of time a mercantile middle class arose, at Leni, thanks to the natural conformation of the place, a landed middle class was formed. In the 19th century Leni succeeded in attaining a very positive economics status. The proof of it lies in the building of the church of the patron saint, St. Joseph, in 1860, in addition to the restructuring of the Terzito church (see: Valdichiesa).

The people of Leni, now as in the past, put the greatest enthusiasm into every initiative that can involve an effective development of the village, like for example the Table of the Patron Saint which for some time has been held on the first of May. The decision was rightly taken not to let this feast coincide with the Malfa one (19 March), and in this way everything is set up far the day of St. Joseph the Worker. Among the other initiatives we must mention that Leni council for some years in the Christmas period hass been organizing a beautiful living crib that has been greatly appreciated not only in Sicily but all over Italy. Moreover, this is an excellent place for anyone wanting to spend a quiet holiday, with rest and total mental relaxation.

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